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Salem Village Provides Long Term Care
We offer a continuum of nursing care so that our long-term residents’ changing needs are met on a daily basis. Salem Village staff is committed to meeting the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of our residents.

Daily activities help ensure active minds and bodies; social services provide ongoing support to our residents and their families. We support autonomy and allow our residents to be as independent as their health allows. Day rooms on each floor encourage residents to interact with one another.

Resident's meals are served “restaurant style” in our dining room. They are seated together at small tables and choose from several entrée options. Special diets are provided to accommodate resident needs.

Residents are able to bring their own furniture and decorate their rooms to make their environment home-like.

Family, friends and visitors are welcome to visit 24 hours a day.

Long term care features



Sub-Acute Care (Short Term Rehab)

We’ve dedicated an entire floor in order to offer highly specialized, rehabilitative services on a short-term basis for those who no longer meet the acute-care criteria of a hospital but are not yet ready to return home. Our sub-acute unit focuses on physical therapy and occupational therapy. Other skilled services include wound care, IV treatment, feeding tubes and trachs.

short term rehabSub-Acute Care features



Respite Care

Salem Village Offers Respite Care: A Welcome Break for Home Care Givers
Sometimes home caregivers and family members need a break from the responsibility of caring for a loved one. Salem Village Respite Care services can give you time off to recharge and renew.

Our professional staff is your assurance that your family member will be safe and taken care of during your absence. We offer short term care for as short a stay as overnight or as long as several weeks. Depending on the level of care they need, respite care guests may be accommodated on our floors, Alzheimer's/Dementia, or High or Low Level nursing care.

Respite Care features