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At Salem Village, we care greatly about our resident’s physical health and provide therapies in four areas: physical, occupational, speech-language and respiratory. The therapist will evaluate a patient’s functional status and identify areas that may be impaired. They then develop a program that targets these functional issues so the resident can achieve their goals and regain as much functional independence as possible.

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Pulmonary/Ventilator Program

Our unit is designed to meet the needs of individuals requiring either a short or long term pulmonary rehab stay. Using the latest in state of the art respiratory technology, Salem Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC offers various pulmonary rehab programs based on the resident's need.

Whenever possible, our goal is to wean the resident from their dependence on the respirator. When weaning is not feasible and the resident is otherwise stable, we will assist in training the family or other care provider for home ventilator use. In the event a resident requires long term care, we can also provide this level of care.

Under the direction of a Board Certified Pulmonologist, our on site staff includes licensed Respiratory (with 24 hour respiratory therapist coverage), Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists seven days a week, along with specialty trained nurses and support staff.

Our Pulmonary/Ventilator Unit features:

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Excellent Nursing Home Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Residents
Salem Village’s Alzheimer’s/dementia staff receives extensive training and education to ensure they are well educated in the disease process.

This unit is secured to assure the safety of those residents that are an elopement risk. Rest assured that your loved one will be treated with care and respect in a comfortable, safe environment.

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Infectious Disease Management

Professional Infectious Disease Management Ensures Quality Care
Salem Village has contracted with Dr. Jose Bolanos from Southwest Infectious Disease. He rounds at the facility and manages the care of our residents with infections including MRSA, VRE, ESBL and C-diff. He is a member of the facility Infection Control Committee and assists in developing policies and provides continuing education related to infectious disease management.

Salem Village staff is trained in the care of residents with infections, including preventing the spread of infection and isolation precautions. Rooms are provided for residents requiring specific isolation needs.

Salem Village is able to provide diagnosis testing and treatments including labs, ultrasound, xray and IV therapy at the facility to prevent hospitalizations or out patient visits for your loved one.



Hospice Care

Providing Compassionate Hospice Care for Your Loved One
The emotional and spiritual pain experienced by a terminally ill person is as real as their physical symptoms. To ensure that our end of life residents are as comfortable and pain-free as possible, we’ve contracted with three area hospice agencies. Hospice services improve resident’s quality of life and allows them to live their final days with hope and dignity.

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Wound Care, Respiratory and IV Therapy

Wound Care Specialists Ensure Quality Care
We employ dedicated wound care nurses and work closely with a local wound care surgeon to provide a comprehensive and proactive skin care program.

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